"I like the way you move"

As I sat sipping my half strength cinnamon chai on the beach promenade near my inner city condo, I found myself scrutinising the posture and gait of the dozens of passing joggers. I didn't mean to, I run a busy coaching business and I was supposed to be tuning out and unblocking my "chakra". Instead i was compelled to do what i do in the course my usual job, scrutinise movement efficiency.

 Physics are physics. Forward propulsion is fixed  to a set of physical laws. The spectrum of movement is just that, a spectrum. So there must be a "right" way to move? Well yes I believe there is.

 So back to those promenade joggers. Most were fighting the laws of physics. As Mr Mussabini said in the film Chariots Of Fire, "Over-striding is the death of the sprinter, I can find you another two seconds Mr Abrahams". Over-striding sends force back up through the leg in the opposite direction. Aim for a cadence of 180 and land on the lateral forefoot. According to the kid from Jerry Mcguire "The human head ways eight pounds". So sit that heavy head back directly on top of your spine, tuck your bum in, keep your arms close to your body and avoid any kind of sideways swinging of arms or twisting of spine or shoulders. Torso should be still, hips leaning slightly forward. Lift your ribcage as if accepting a medal on your chest ( pose method) 

 A lot to remember isn't there. I get my athletes to do a posture check from head to feet every time they hear the kilometre beep from their Garmin. Where is my chin? am i hunching? are my elbows sticking out too far? how is my foot landing?

For visual learners, stare at you tube videos in slo-mo of Crowie or Rinny or Frodeno. Heaps nerdy i know but it does help.

 Ok now my Chai is cold.

XO Wombat.


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